Hannah Stones inspiring story of triumph over depression and self harm.

I uploaded this video a few weeks ago of a young girl in her early twenties sharing her struggle with depression and self-harm in her final year of school. It is an amazing story of triumph and pain. For some reason, I feel really sad when I watch this. Logically I think I should feel inspired and happy (who doesn’t like stories with a good ending?). I’m not sure why I feel sad. Maybe it’s because I can empathize too closely. Somehow I just feel the pain.

I uploaded the clip so  I can refer others to it, so hopefully it can help others get help via early intervention and treatment if required. I think it’s become somewhat of a mission for me to help destigmatize mental illness so it’s not so difficult for sufferers to disclose and get help when they need it. Hope you enjoy it, she’s a beautiful girl.


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