The Perfect Man

This would have to be one of the funniest video’s I’ve seen for a long time. Check this guy out… ladies the hunt for the perfect man is over!

But as usual, it got me thinking. I mean it’s ridiculous, but taps into this incessant craving that women have to find the perfect man. (Men suffer this craving too – you only have to look at men’s magazines). But by and large I think men are fairly easily pleased – you know what they say about the way to a men’s heart. I reckon hand a bloke a remote control, a good feed and sex after the game and he’ll pretty much stick around for life.

Women on the other hand have been sold a dud. The rise of feminism (which accomplished a lot of amazing things for the fairer sex) did argue “you can have it all” – without a whole lot of qualifications. So while stories like Jane Austin’s “Emma” and Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romcoms are just that – stories, I think women have bought them as documentaries. Somehow, in a couple of generations, expectations upon men have escalated. It’s no longer good enough to bring home the bacon (women bring it home just as well these days), spend some time with kids, hang out with your mates, mow the grass, clean the car and fix a few things about the house, you’ve somehow got to embody Mr Darcy, be fluent in Shakespeare, be a die-hard romantic, be sensitive, caring and and all round nice guy.

For goodness sake, just on TV last night, some hosts on a comedy show were discussing the invention of an oxytocin spray that guys could inhale. This is the hormone that makes mother’s bond with their newborns and begin lactating. Studies showed that men who enhaled this spray, were suddenly more empathetic and caring. Great, that’s just what we need! I wonder if they started to lactate too!

Hopefully the video shows just how ridiculous women’s expectations have become. The dark side of these inflated expectations leads to disappointment, frustration, conflict and ultimately relationship breakdown. Perhaps we could all just calm down and be happy with the person we have, and fully expect them to be …. them!


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