More Coming Alive

Soo… we were talking about coming alive, but I didn’t say anything about me … and… coming alive.

I think for me to come alive, is to actually become authentically me. Obviously I’m not that great… heaps of flaws.. fairly emotionally retarded etc. But it’s the only starting point I can have for this life. I must start with me. So I think knowing who I am and what I’m like and understanding myself, then accepting myself is the launching pad to then build a strong life.

I’ve coined a saying “be kind to yourself today, you might be the only one”. I like that because we’re pretty hard on ourselves usually. We often censor ourselves, we often don’t back ourselves, we get down on ourselves, but maybe we could just lighten up a little.

So me? I’ve discovered I’m fairly introverted at this stage of my life. I love my own company, and I love to be quiet. Sure I can do people, and I enjoy people, but I find nourishment in silence that I don’t get around people. I love to think, so I read a lot. Books, magazines, blogs, even research papers on things I’m interested in. I love to create. I find my outlet for creativity in video editing, photography, some creative writing (got my first magazine article being published in a couple months) and fly tying.

Speaking of “flow”, I experience flow, when I’m hunting and fishing, public speaking, reading and researching stuff and video editing. I feel most normal when I’m working outside around animals. Strange mix.

The things I’ve used to discover who I am, and what I’m like? Some tools I found useful was Myers Briggs typing and Strength Finder. Obviously trying lots of stuff and being mindful helps, because then you realise “hey, time stopped when I did that!”. I tried things like drawing classes, fly tying weekends, and all kinds of things.

One of the interesting points that Now Discover Your Strengths points out, is that we were naturally drawn to the areas of our strengths as children. Isn’t it sad that for most of us (except maybe kids like Tiger Woods), the people around us weren’t observant enough to capture the moments when we were in our element and steer us in the right direction. My mum (being asian) told me to be either a doctor or lawyer, completely irrespective of any observation of what I was into as a kid.

But it’s not too late to start. In fact, it can’t be too late. It’s too important to delay. We need to come alive and we need to start now.


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