Why I’m disillusioned

I stumbled across this video of a young former associate youth pastor from a large church in the US who describes the clip as a “rant” on why he no longer goes to church. It’s a brilliant piece of footage and a really interesting story that raised some really important issues that need to be heard and addressed. Here’s the link, sorry I couldn’t embed.

Why I'm Disillusioned-Short from Andrew Means on Vimeo.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe I’m a little too optimistic about the church…… I’m not American and therefore not immersed in the ‘church culture’ Andrew lives in. I concede that somehow its become way too ‘plastic’ for many, but my perception is that that’s about the people, not the intent of the notion of ‘church’ as visioned by Jesus.
    I’m not prepared to abandon the church because of its faults. It has them and they are many! Jesus loves His church so I will! I’m staying and I want to be part of its changing!

    • I agree. I still believe the church is the hope of the world. But the church as we know it, probably has a long way to go. But I can understand how a guy like this is disengaged from the mainstream. He is however looking for other expressions of Christian community. This is the state of flux so many christians find themselves in these days. They want to be part of church, but not a parallel “christian” universe.

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