Half Time

My wife gave me “Half Time” by Bob Buford for my birthday. He owned a large cable TV company and was extremely wealthy when his only son died swimming across the Rio Grande forcing him into what he describes as half time. It’s the break between the first half of our lives and the second half.

It’s a great read. Bob has devoted his second half to helping unearth and release what he calls “latent energy” in churches.

I’m picking up some great things, but unfortunately a bit despondent right now so they’re just ideas for now. But here’s a great quote on his observation of how the church can work against discovering your “one thing” and moving from a “success” mindset to a “significance” mindset.

“The irony… is that the church has become one of those masters under which many first-halfers feel hopelessly indentured. The joy that ought to come from serving others in Christ’s name is missing because so much of what we do for the church is done out of a spirit of obligation and involves doing work that is far removed from our core competencies. And that is because, as first halfers, we have not yet discovered who we are, what we really enjoy doing, and how even the most undesirable task can be a freeing, exhilarating experience if it arises out of our core being.

For most people, church work is not like a hot-fudge sundae but is like broccoli and spinach your mother made you eat as a child”



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