Getting Paid for Ministry has Whiskers

Getting paid to do ministry has whiskers on it. Recently the church I worked for sacked the pastor responsible for mission, outreach and influence. I hired him a couple of years ago and he is an absolutely gem. In fact, if I couldn’t afford to pay him, I’d cut my own hours before cutting his. This guy is connected to business leaders, the local council, is the former local pastor’s fraternal president, knows every school principle in our area, runs the chaplaincy organisation, ran a statewide television campaign involving over 200 churches and has fingers in that many pies, that he represented influence – something I believe every church should have.

This guy’s secret was that he tapped regular believers dreams to make a difference and cultivated them. For example, a guy called Peter is a chef and works at the bakery in a local supermarket. Peter’s dream was that he could cook for families who weren’t able to feed themselves or their children properly. This pastor helped Peter realised his dreams and now Heaven’s Kitchen feeds around 40 people at a time with waiters and a three course meal. Families are even given fresh food to take home with them. That’s the kind of thing this Pastor could pull off.

His secret was, that it wasn’t a top-down program. He raised up the grassroots. He realised that if it was top-down, it would always rely on staff to make it happen. If he tapped the passion and talents of the grassroots, it would perpetuate, with very little input once it was happening except a little encouragement and prayer.

The reason he was sacked (at least the reason he was given) was that he hadn’t pulled in enough government grant money. I sat down with him to talk him through it, and tried to communicate that I wouldn’t work in a paid staff position for a church ever again, because getting paid for ministry has whiskers on it. Something that apostle Paul seemed to know. I’ll give my reasons in a following post.


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  1. really sad to hear. I agree, getting paid for ministry has many downsides. I feel that I am a btter pastor/friend now that I am not getting paid or working for an institution. The reason is thay any times whats best for a person doe not fit the institution of the church and when I was working for the institution, many times I felt torn between whats best for the person and whats best for the institution.

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