Decline in Church attendance.

In our nation, our movement (the largest pentecostal movement in our country) we’ve noticed a decline in the frequency of attendance even though our databases remain the same. Only a few of our really big churches are growing, but as usual most is transfer growth.

A survey was released in March 09 profiling the Christian Church of our 2nd largest city. It has a population increase of 90,000 every year yet there is a decline of Christian worshipers to the tune of 4,500 per year.

Across the denominations the Church averages two converts per annum per Church. In traditions that tend to baptise their converts like the Baptists, 93% of the Baptist Churches average 1.4 baptisms per year.

The senior pastor of the second largest church in that city wrote:

“Somewhere along the way a new generation of pioneering leaders must rise up who are more concerned with making disciples than anything else….

A more critical evaluation of our methodology needs to take place….

There is a serious need to move away from what the weekend service feels like or even the thought that the worship service is Church….

The mission of God needs to move with the people of God into their work-place and social life….”

All good food for thought.


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