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The Beached Whale

In my state, whales beach regularly. I’ve never been down to see them, but I’ve seen the footage and have a good imagination.

Today I feel like a beached whale (not fat, although I am putting on weight, probably from too much beer). The family’s gone to church leaving me to install some sliding wardrobe drawers in the kids rooms.

Beached whales are still awe-inspiring. So big, sleek, and full of potential. They really are powerful, graceful beings. But they’re immobilized and totally unable to fulfill their potential. Washed up. Wiped out. Beached.

That’s scrapheap pastors for you. In my experience and observation, the ones with the most potential are the ones who find their way to the scrap heap, usually because they are the most ambitious, visionary, hard working, gifted and dangerous. Too dangerous for an enemy who hates the church with a passion.


One Response

  1. I can relate…….still feel this way after more than a year.

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