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Night Sweats

Nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night bathed in sweat… and I mean bathed. I used to have this happen a couple of times a night for some time… to the point that I’d have to get up and dry off, and flip the bedspread back to dry that off and the sheets. I would wake up dehydrated.

They weren’t always nightmares though. It could be as innocuous as dreaming about playing tennis or disciplining a child or… anything really. But it produced an overwhelming adrenaline response and anxiety in the dream that it became life and death. I would wake up gasping… or my wife would wake me to help me out of it.

I avoided going to bed until I absolutely had to because I knew what awaited me. I knew I would wake in the morning exhausted.

I spoke to my psych about these dreams but she didn’t seem concerned and felt that as treatment continued, these would abate. She was right.

I haven’t had one of these dreams for maybe four weeks. As with any change or improvement, you never notice at the time, it’s only when you look back. I guess maybe we could coin a phrase “Looking back to look forward”s


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