Mushy Brain

I’ve mentioned before how my brain turned to mush as I burned out. Comprehension skills slowed down, decision making felt like walking on a planet with super-high gravity. My brain is slowly getting better but I still lose lots of things and have no idea where they are…. I found my gumboots in the middle of a field yesterday. I’d been missing them or a week….

I wish I could find my wallet and chainsaw chaps.

I’m kind of used to it now, so it’s not so bad. Interestingly, research has shown that if depression is not diagnosed early (in other words, persistent untreated depression) permanent brain damage can take place.

“By the year 2020, researchers expect depression to become second to heart disease as the leading cause of death worldwide. This is just one of the reasons they are working diligently to find a cure.

For those who suffer from depression, their world is a dark one. For many, that colorless life is unbearable as it persists year after year despite the variety of treatments that are used.

According to researchers, the secret to defeating depression starts with early intervention because the illness can, in fact, cause damage to the brain cells. The longer the depression continues, the longer the recovery time, and the longer it will take the brain cells to heal.”

That is scary, but I’m ok with the fact that my mind may never be as sharp as it used to be. At this stage of my life, I’d rather be strong than smart.


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