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Living a strong life

I like the idea of a strong life. Jesus talked about abundant life (at least that’s how it gets translated from aramaic), but the idea of a strong life resonates with me. To me it speaks of a life which is resilient.

There are lots of things we do to weaken our lives. Maybe we aren’t even aware of what weakens us. Conversely there are lots of things we can do to live a strong life, but again, most of us are blithely unaware of those things that make us emotionally strong.

If we are reflective enough, we do eventually figure these things out. That’s one of the advantages of age (or maybe having a mentor who has age on their side).

By way of example (that might trigger some ideas for you), here are some things that weaken me:

high people contact, particularly those who talk too much and have too many issues. Stupid people (I don’t suffer fools). Meetings, administration, management (as opposed to leadership), finances, being over-busy, dealing with conflict (I’m good at it, but it does weaken me), dealing with emotional people, too many people all in the one place (I hate crowds).  Bureaucracy, maintaining the status quo.

Here are the things that strengthen me:

Creativity, research, reading, ideas, thinking, being alone, space, freedom, autonomy, strategy, leadership, close friends, the outdoors, mass communication, innovation, study.

So there you have it. Sometime I’ll tell you how I arrived at understanding the things that weaken and the things that make me stronger.


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