Public Figures Come Clean

I googled “depression” in today’s news. Here’s what I found:
Judge reveals battle with depression ( Sydney Morning Herald)
In 1977 when I was still aged 25 I was diagnosed with depression. It came as something of a relief because it put a name to what had been going on in my …
The judiciary too fearful to admit its battles with depression (The Age)

Depression took Robb ‘to hell and back’ ( ABC Online)
Senior Coalition MP Andrew Robb says he has been humbled by the support he has received from both sides …
Robb opens up about depression battle (The Age)
Andrew Robb: my struggle to deal with depression (WA today)
Praise for MP taking leave to treat depression (The Canberra Times)

The judge in question was giving a speech at an international judges conference and was diagnosed 30 years ago at age 25 and has been medicated and received therapy during that time. Great to see him coming clean. It might help a few others.

Front bench minister in Australia Andrew Robb has taken a few months off after finding relief at finally being able to name the condition that he has suffered since childhood. I applaud him for going public. How many more politicians and ministers are suffering depression and not being treated?


2 Responses

  1. Good thought…and other good questions to follow.
    How many people period are suffering from depression and not being treated. And how many people are seeking chemical assistance for depression when it’s being caused/perpetuated by a lifestyle?

  2. Thanks for the thought christycaliber. I would speculate (not being a professional in this area) that most depression would be brought on or triggered by lifestyle issues but that individuals would be more or less predisposed to falling ill because of personal issues (to do with trauma, childhood history etc.)

    In my case, I was raised to believe that performance would bring approval (I had a mother who said I should either be a lawyer or doctor). Therefore I had a performance identity. While my performance was good, I felt secure and had good self esteem, but when my performance leveled out, I started to work harder and harder, ignoring my fatigue (doing the whole man-thing) until I broke.

    Medication helps me manage what I need to do today, and gives me space to deal with the underlying issues which is a long term proposition ….

    Interestingly in the case of andrew robb, it is a diurnal issue, where in the mornings he wakes severely depressed and this lifts mid-morning. Seems to point to some sort of chemical imbalance.

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