Sometimes I feel like Moses.

Moses was a born leader. Much like me, although I’d have to say Moses would whip me in the leadership stakes on pretty much any day of the week. But I can relate to him.

I bashed a guy up for beating on his people. I like that. He’s tough, aggressive, and gets the job done. But for all his training, education, status, power and charisma, he ends up on the scrapheap. After the deed Moses skipped town and headed to the wild west. He ended up in the back side of the desert.

I wonder how he felt. Having grown up in the kings castle, I think he would have felt pretty low. He was basically a prince, and now he was herding sheep. Pretty much the only job going around in the back side of the desert. And he did it for 40 years. He was a nobody, who lived nowhere, who was going nowhere, who only had memories.

I’m not sure how long he would have been angry for. Or sad. How long did he grieve? Did he become bitter? We don’t know. But I can imagine. I feel like him. Out here on the scrap heap. I felt destined to do great things for God. I had all the training. I’ve got all the smarts. I’m tall, good looking, got a mind like a steel trap, have the aggression, the charisma, the strategic thinking, big picture, visionary mind. And yet here I am on the scrapheap.

Yesterday I was picking tomatoes. Tomorrow I’ll be repairing and building cattle fences in the rain. Sometimes I feel like Moses.


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  1. Jack,

    I can totally relate. I felt that the church I was leading was finally at a stage where things were getting better…i.e. they were ready to enter the promised land. But thats also the time I knew I could not go on any longer. I felt like Moses going all the way but not being able to enter the promised land.

    I have a job now, but I still feel that there is so much that I can offer in ministry. I miss speaking, counseling, leading,…etc. But I am now just a sales person. Is this all I will end up as….no more than just a sales man.

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