Mental Health

My psychologist debriefs weekly with another psych which is standard for her industry. This is important to her health, objectivity and longevity. It’s just that none of us can spot our own blindspots.

Psychs obviously deal with serious mental issues which pastors most often don’t however, they don’t normally treat their friends and they don’t normally live for years within a community made up of those whom they have counselled. In many ways they can go home and disengage from work. Pastors may not deal with the hardest mental cases, but they often are the first port of call.

And yet I know of NO pastors who debrief like a professional psychologist does. Furthermore, we don’t have the training on mental health that psychs do, so really we have no clue as to how to maintain our own mental health. We’re basically kids playing with matches and most of us get burned. Some survive, many burn up and reach the scrapheap.


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  1. do not fall into panic. whole life in front of

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