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About Jack!

I’m writing under a pseudonym from somewhere in the western world. I don’t want anyone to get hurt by what we say, because we’re not targeting anyone, so for now, like The Stig, we’ll remain anonymous.

I’ve been a christian 20 years, and 19 of those I have been in leadership. For the last 8 years I have been full-time as a pastor/leader of a large church (ten times large than the average western church). This year however, due to burnout and depression and almost failed marriage I resigned. Now i’m on the scrapheap.

I have three kids, still attend the church I resigned from, and now I’m working in a factory and on dairy farms.

This is my attempt to explore the scrapheap. How did we get here? Why are we here? What can we learn?

I say we, because other scrapheap pastors will be contributing so we get various perspectives. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, about ministry and leadership, about church, christianity, religion and God. We want to share our journeys to the scrapheap and beyond to help other pastors who are heading down this road, and because we love God and His church and know deep down in our hearts that something’s gotta change.

We want to say the stuff that other pastors know, but won’t admit, because we haven’t anything to lose. We also hope you can be part of the conversation. Very little will be censored unless we start talking AT each other or yelling which is pretty unproductive, at least it has for the last couple thousands years in the life of the church.

If you’d like to join our team, contact me.


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